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Chris Campos

Magician, Juggler, Event Host and Compere

As one of the busiest magicians in the county, Chris has spent a lifetime perfecting his routines to make them fun, entertaining and exciting. With nearly 20 years experience performing magic and juggling all over the world, Chris has a proven track record of developing new and unique routines combining his love of comedy, theatre, strength, balance and dexterity.


It all started on his summer holidays, many years ago. Chris’ mum and dad were both teachers and volunteered their 6-week holiday break at a summer camp near Great Yarmouth. One year the camp received a generous donation of spinning plates, diabolos, unicycles, juggling balls, devil sticks, and more. Aged 9, Chris spent his summer playing with juggling equipment and somehow teaching himself to juggle.


As fate would have it, when Chris moved up to big school, he couldn’t believe his luck, finding that one of the teachers ran a very popular juggling club. Regular practice sessions and stage time at fetes, fairs, festivals and school shows pushed Chris’ skills to the limit as he added fire clubs, knives and unicycling to his repertoire.


At 16, teaming up with one of his best friends, Martin Cass, the two of them developed a magic and juggling show, and joined a local magic club – the Southend Sorcerers Society. The two of them enjoyed success at local talent shows and were part of a community theatre group that went on tour! Rock and Roll!


Putting the performing to one side, Chris went to university to study engineering and computer programming and spent more time in pubs downing pints than he did juggling fire clubs. After university, Chris landed a job as a croupier on Southend seafront saving his pennies for a gap year in Australia.


While in Australia, fellow travellers rekindled Chris’ love for magic and juggling and he spent many hours chatting the street performers on the South Bank in Brisbane listening to their stories about life performing on the streets.


Back home, after a couple of years and £1000’s failing to build the UKs largest model railway, Chris was thumbing through a Cliffs Pavilion brochure when a magic show caught his eye. Little did he know that it was being organised by Southend Sorcerers, the magic club he belonged to many years before.


Instantly hooked, Chris spent hours practicing, researching, developing routines and supporting the Sorcerers by performing for them whenever he could. Teaming up again, this time a fellow Sorcerers’ member Ryan Young, they formed a very successful double-act entertaining 1000s of people at weddings and corporate functions.


Covid hit and lockdown put a stop to performing in public but Chris’ entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t dampened as he ploughed his life savings into Lightning Magic Shop supporting performers with the best magic and juggling products from all over the world.


As lockdown restrictions eased, Chris was back in his element, entertaining audiences at 100s of weddings, parties, BBQs, banquets and functions all over the UK. Still keen to develop and grow as a performer, he has recently hosted his first Charity Fundraiser as a magical compere and auctioneer and has performed his first street show on the mean streets of Bristol making over £7!


Chris can’t wait to team up with Mike and Dean and develop LOL Magic shows into the best night in Southend. Magic is his hobby, his passion, his income and his life. He lives and breathes magic and great theatre and gives every performance 100% sharing his love, passion and enthusiasm with his audiences.


Chris is always working on something new. If you want to see his latest creations, you can book your tickets here.

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